Omniplug Memory Mailbox


Omniplug exists to make life easier for people who have a love / hate relationship with technology.

The Memory Mailbox is for people who love cameras but who hate how much effort it is to backup and use photos.

It is designed to automatically do the time consuming jobs, saving time for printing and cherishing the photos we take.

We make it possible for our partners to offer you backup and printing services that are easy to use.

too much technology can make digital photos time consuming to backup and enjoy
memory mailbox automatically uploads the contents of an SD memory card or direct from a USB device to an online photo album

The Memory Mailbox automatically uploads photos from a memory card to a private online photo album.

The Mailbox is a plug about the size of your hand and it connects directly to the internet using your home's wifi.

Once you have set it up, your computer doesn't even need to be on - the Mailbox uploads while you do something else!

You can either insert the SD card directly, or use a USB cable to connect devices like mobile phones.

The full resolution photos are automatically uploaded to your private online album where they are kept safe.

Every month, you also receive all your uploads on a DVD in the post, for you to keep safe too. Belts and braces is good.

The photos are ready to print and share without delay. Imagine making a photobook in a 15 minute sitting...?

The Mailbox might save you a minute per photo uploaded - maybe half an hour or more on every photobook you make.

The Memory Mailbox automatically uploads your photos without your PC so your pictures are ready for you to use online
memory mailbox automatically backs up your digital photos

The Memory Mailbox is ideal for busy families: it is a labour saving device that means one less Thing To Do.

The Mailbox can be used by the whole family with everyone's photos uploaded to their own account.

The Mailbox is clever enough to recognise each device or memory card and to follow specific instructions for each.

It saves time and makes it easy to love digital photos!